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Evan's Daily's (Stay loose!)

Take 1-2 minutes and perform these exercises 3-4 times per day.

- Your energy levels will come up.

- Your movement patterns will improve.

- You'll become stronger.

*MAKE SURE YOU go at your own pace-- These exercises shouldn't feel to difficult (perceived exertion 4-6 out of 10).


Daily One

Chest: Push-Ups Legs: Body Weight Squats / Single Leg Squats Core: Plank *Back: Pull-ups or Rows (Pull-up bar or TRX required)

Daily Two

Chest: Incline Push-Ups / "Standard" Push-Ups / Decline Push-Ups Legs: Side Lying Leg Raises or Side Lying Hip Circles Core: Russian Twists or V-Ups or V-Ups with Twist *Back: Pull-ups or Rows (Pull-up bar or TRX required)

Daily Three

Chest: Clap Push-Ups Legs: Step Back Lunges Core: Side-Plank Hip Drops *Back: Pull-ups or Rows (Pull-up bar or TRX required)

Daily Four

Chest: Push-Ups Legs: Single Leg Dead Lifts / Single Leg Dead Lift W/"Pop Step" Core: Leg Lifts: Singles / Doubles *Back: Pull-ups or Rows (Pull-up bar or TRX required)

Youtube links are available above on some exercises.

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